Solid Framework

We offer sms marketing services with a solid framework and technology to offer proven results.

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Flexible By Design

We offer flexible plans for all business sizes, designed intuitivly for you in mind.

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Lots of Support

Texagram offers support no one else can. We are infact, here to help you increase sales!

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Reach Customers Everywhere

How will this work?

At Texagram you send a text (sms message) to customers who have opted in receive them from you. You send a text about a promotion and they rush through the doors!

Check our services out!

Try our services, read the how-to's we have set up, and if you don't have increased sales we'll refund every cent you paid for the services.

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Forget Social Networks

With them it's just on a site and you'll be lucky to get new sales. With Texagram, you get an interested network, and you market directly to those people to get increased sales.

Try Us Out

You have nothing to lose, only something to gain. You can't possibly, NOT increase sales. Follow the how-to's, and and we know we'll maintain our 100% never had a refund yet guarantee.

Instantly online

Sign up now, have your account created as soon as possible. And you can instantly send sms messages to your customers! Increase sales that quickly, that easilty.